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James T. Kirk

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Name:James T. Kirk
Birthdate:Jan 4

Character world/setting |Player Contact

James T. Kirk was born among the stars to the acting Captain of the Kelvin George Kirk and his space-bound mother, Winona Kirk. He grew up in Riverside, Iowa where he was one of the only genius repeat offenders. But after a challenge issued by Captain Pike, he went to the Academy and after three years was able to become captain of the Enterprise. With a very brief demotion in between, he has been captain of the Enterprise for over a year.

Thanks to his frequent flirting and barfighting, he's rather capable of taking a hit and keep on going. He had basic street fighting skills, but after joining the academy now has hand to hand combat under his belt and marksmanship.

After his death, he was injected with the blood of Khan, an augment that was genetically engineered to be superior. This genetic material as able to replace radiated blood cells and bring him back to life. Along with that came some of the carrier’s abilities. This includes slightly increased speed, strength, and endurance and an increased healing ability. While above what he once was, to the point of feeling like he’s at his peak almost all the time, the effects are still within the realm of human capability.

*For [community profile] ten_fwd his canon point is during his induced coma after the transfusion with Khan's blood.

Disclaimer: This is a roleplaying account for James T. Kirk from the Alternate Original Series. I do not own the characters, nor profit from playing them except in the form of fun pretendy times.

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